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'I’ve met a bunch of hardware engineers and I’ve made a point about asking each of them how they feel about using a single chip for multiple users. This is, of course, the use case of the cloud. All of the hardware engineers either laugh or are horrified and the resounding reaction is “you’d be crazy to think hardware was ever intended to be used for isolating multiple users safely.”'

I have talked with a whole lot of people who told me basically: "I do not need to think about all this security. I will put my app into a container anyways." Sometimes it is pure neglect, but most of the time they are pressured into it by the team leads who will do everything to ship fast.

A reminder why blindly trusting technology is a bad thing:

Isolating your processes by using docker (or similar techologies) is a neat thing but it does not exonerate you from implementing a solid security concept.

Understanding Docker container escapes

Trail of Bits recently completed a security assessment of Kubernetes,...

Trail of Bits Blog

What is all this comodity with FaceApp?

Let's summarize the whole thing bluntly:

  • You gave a company access to your facial data and your name
  • The company behind FaceApp is russian and thus per (american) definition evil
  • You never read the Terms of Use
  • Now your facial data and name is not only stored in "THE CLOUD" but you also gave the company behind FaceApp the rights to use this data for everything they want

Let me ask you: Why are you upset?

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Big shoutout for #hledger, plain text accounting which can save large fees over conventional accounting software. AND at same time create sustainable access to data, rapid corrections. The alias function for account coding is awesome. Also the include function to unify or consolidate different data files is just sweet. and

Well great, looks like my mails getting flagged as spam by Google. I am hosting my own Mailserver. Any recommendations how to handle this? Is the Google postmaster program the way to go?

One thing I have to find out is: How do I get to run podman on Nico's? I think I might miss a symlink somewhere.

I have been running Nico's for a few days now and I am amazed by it. After tinkering with the main parts I am now in the process of:

  1. Splitting my config into subconfigs
  2. Setting up a repository to store these configs


Me: Go big or go home! Installs emacs

After a few errors in my configuration.nix i now have a base system with i3wm, firefox and thunderbird. So this is kind of a celebratory toot from my new system.

Going full atomic and reproducible on my notebook. Instead of Fedora Silverblue i am switching to nixOS. Wish me luck.

That strange moment when you start to relate to the lyrics of hardstyle songs

Woke up ✔️

Coffee ✔️

Morning read of all the blogs, news and webcomics I follow ✔️

Now I am kinda ready to work...

The swarm is running and unlimited in its capacity...

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