Man, writing a post mortem / lessons learned sure is hard if you want to do it the right (extensive) way.

I have to fetch something from the office today. Everything is closed. Now I have to find someone who will open the building for me, watch me as I awkwardly shuffle through stuff and then has to close the building behind me.

‘Dictatorships often start in the face of a threat’: UN privacy chief warns against long-lasting theft of freedoms amid coronavirus surveillance


Why Dark Video Is A Terrible Blocky Mess

Dark scenes in television, YouTube, and streaming platforms all look pixelated and blocky. Here's why. Animation by William Marler: I'm at on Twitter at https:

Why have i never thought about using my notebook while sitting in my bed?

I am sitting here, contemplating if i should leave my flat to do some basic shopping.

Everyone: Whelp another day in social isolation.
Me: Yeah, just a regular Friday.

Day three of the Hackathon. I hope we will be able to ship our prototype this evening.

I am tired. But there is still so much to do during this hackathon.

Wenn es kein Webdienst sein muss, Mumble. Open Source, niedrige Systemanforderungen und eine gute Sprachqualität.

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