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I guess i stay in bed all day and learn more about software defined networks.

I am feeling a bit better but i am still not able to do much. Being ill sucks. 🤒

With Mozilla slowly rolling out DoH and thus sending all your DNS queries to Cloudflare it is time to look for a new browser. Is Seamonkey still there?

Traveling while ill was no fun. But it is even less fun to be tired and awake at the same time. I just want to sleep.

I have been ill for the last few days and have to travel in a few hours...

I have to work with angular for an assignment. Send help.

@Gargron He is called Findus and is a very fluffy boy. Oh and he is lazy.

I really need to take a picture of this cat that is running around here.

Boost this and I will assign you a UUID

I fiddlet with my wifi driver settings. Now i am only plagued by the slow internet since my reception is top notch 🤣

Even writing something via toot takes ages to send.

Wow, the internet here is really shitty. I do not know if the wifi is at fault or if the connection to our house sucks. But it is too late to investigate... 😠

Sitting in a dim-lit coach listening to Carbon based lifeforms while it is dark outside. Pure bliss.

Oh I forgot: Switching between LTE and no reception at all.

Travelling by train, or how I call it: Seeing your Dataspeed constantly changing between LTE and EDGE.

Me: It is wonderful to spent time with your friends and family...
Assignment that lurks in the dark: Oh really?

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